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JB Large & Sons
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s you might have seen James Robert Large pushing a large steel wheeled cart down the street with his ladders and painting tools as he headed to another paint job.  Before and after stints in the Army during WW I and    WW II, James Roberts’s son Benjamin Fisk Large was a foreman for Justin Biggs Painting Company, who also employed a new apprentice painter, James Benjamin Large, fresh out of the naval service in WW II.   Eventually, his only other son, William R. Large, began his life’s work with the same firm.
In 1963 James Benjamin Large started a business with his friend John Gutmann called Ashland Painting and Decorating.  That business faltered; thus James and John decided to close it, divide up the jobs and go their separate ways.  Jim contacted his oldest son, Robert James Large, who was painting the “Old Post Office” on East State Street and suggested that they form their own company.  In November 1970, along with another son, Michael B. Large, the partnership of J. B. Large and Son’s Painting Contractors was formed.  In 1987 Angela Large Zachary, daughter of Robert joined the firm as the fifth generation painter.  In 2007 after the death of Michael, the firm was incorporated as J. B. Large and Son’s Inc.

Four Generations
This business was originally housed in the garage behind Jim’s residence at 1239 S. East.  After a couple of years, it was moved to a two car garage at the corner of Caldwell and Lafayette streets.  In 1987 it moved into its current location at 204 Anna.
            We take great pride in the fact that we are a family business that has been trained by past generations of painters who also took pride in our family profession.